Human of ZME

We understand that human factor roles among the most valuable asset and a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, ZME’s focus is to recruit and develop a team of human resources with all the factors of “heart” and “talent” to join as companions on the way of the Company’s construction and development.With the business philosophy “We vow to dedicate ourselves to a happy future, physically and mentally, for all ZME employees”, we are always to carry the mission of protecting and developing ZME to become stronger.ZME’s leadership and employees are regularly trained to improve their qualifications and capacity to access new technologies. Thereby we are committed to provide the customers and partners with the highest satisfaction and confidence in the progress and quality of services.


While many companies dream of a destination they want to reach, we think the priority is to choose our pathway. Each journey will lead to a destination, each generation of ZME will define specific destinations, but our pathway and business philosophy will not change.


Our desire is to let everyone interested in ZME understand that the Company is built to bring a happy future for our employees. Every ZME’s employee understands the necessity to strive with their best to grow and dedicate to deserve that bright future and to contribute for the prosperity of the nation. All of us understand that we carry the mission to protect and develop ZME stronger, which ultimately will bring the happiness for ZME’s human. It is our final goal, or in other word, our business philosophy.

Core values

SOLIDARITY – Creating the organization’s common value and strengthCREATIVITY – Nothing is impossiblePROFESSIONALISM – Affirming self-worth