May 16, 2013 marked the very first milestone when a new company was started by young ambitious founders who believed in their hands and minds, dared to confront any challenges and determined to build great career path. 

In 2013, realizing huge potential of growing M&E demand in the market, first members of the company with their diverse talents and unique personalities converged to lay the first stones for the establishment of a company running in the M&E industry. 

Over 8 years of establishment and development, ZME Joint Stock Company has been affirming the position in M&E industry and built initial foundations in the field of technology. On the journey of unceasing development and growing, the Company has attained significant achievements, particularly won the trust of many international and national partners and customers.

8 years – 1 journey 


Zodiacal: The path we have chosen to be going is the “ecliptic path” – the propitious pathway of openness. It is the pathway for smooth and favorable cooperation with every valuable partner and customer, also the pathway for each human of ZME to develop their career, realize the passion and ambition. Thereby, ZME’s career path ultimately will be growing stronger.


Modern: One of the cultural values that ZME aims at is modernity. We are up-to-date in absorbing new knowledge and technology. We engage the generations while empowering younger generations.


Explicit: Another cultural value of ZME is transparency. Transparency is realized in the Company’s information, finances and resources.

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