Technology & Digital transformation

Definition of digital transformation

Nearly 90% of the enterprises over the world have started digital transformation at different levels such as research, survey, development and implementation. Digital transformation has really created rapid qualitative changes within the enterprises and organizations. At present, there are many different definitions of digital transformation in the world (Gartner, Microsoft, etc.) with no consensus on its concept. We define that digital transformation in the organizations and enterprises is the process by which the organizations and enterprises transform their production method, business operation process, customer interaction from traditional methods to digital form through application of digital technologies namely Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), etc.Levels of digital transformation of the enterprises and organizationsDigital transformation is a process and the journey of the enterprises and organizations, which is often divided into three levels:

  1. Digitization of data (Digitization)
  2. Digitization of process (Digitalization)
  3. Digitalization of organizations, comprehensive digital transformation (Digital transformation)

Digital transformation services and solutions

We provide the solutions and products for digital transformation journey of the enterprises and organizations in all aspects as follows:

  1. Improve operation capacity;
  2. Optimize customer experience;
  3. Optimize employee experience;
  4. Innovate business models of the enterprises and organizations


Digital technologies & ZDS partners

We focus on providing core technologies in Industry 4.0 such as: IoT, Cloud Computing, AI, Big Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, AR/VRAlong with domestic partners such as FSI, etc., we also cooperate with other international technology companies such as Idemia, ID3, Top DataScience, etc.We are in the partnership process with world-class leading companies such as Google, Amazon, Automation Anywhere, etc.

Digital transformation consulting services:

We provide digital transformation consultancy for enterprises and organizations in their digital transformation journey comprehensively on five core categories:

  • Digital Corporate Culture and Strategy
  • Customer Experience Optimization 
  • Process Optimization
  • Digital Technology
  • Data Analysis and Management